Why Content on Websites is So Important

Content is very important to the success of your website because the Internet is such a word driven medium. The Internet is a way to exchange ideas and provide useful information to those seeking answers. Thus the search engines look very favorably upon websites that are rich in content. The more relevant (to the actual search phrase used) the content is and the more of it that there is the greater likelihood your website will perform well (rank high in the search engines).

The most successful websites are multi-dimensional. They add real content to their websites. Here are eight benefits of adding topically related content to your website:

1. Increasing Content On Your Site - By increasing the content to your site, you are adding more pages that the search engine spiders can index. Increasing the content pages increases the listings you potentially have in search engines. This increases the chances of getting more qualified traffic.

2. It makes your site more search engine friendly- Google and other major search engines take into account the amount of content and its quality. The more informational content you have pitching your product, the higher the search engine ranking. This is because search engines understand that research and information take priority over shopping for most people.

3. Fresh, new content increases traffic - If your information provides fresh, new content and is updated frequently, the search engines pay more attention to the site. This enhances the ranking of the website and drives more traffic.

4. Adding new information brings return traffic - Purely sales oriented content typically does not stimulate return traffic. When you add new and useful content to your site, typically visitors tend to value your site more and return often.

5. Adding useful information makes your site more credible - Sites that offer new information that is accurate and useful are more credible than just pure sales websites. You become established, authoritative and credible. This in turn increases your conversion rate because your customers have fewer doubts when making a purchase.

6. Conversion - The more a potential client client can relate to the information contained within your website the greater chance their is that they will convert into an individual that actually calls you.

7. Good, quality content allows you to differentiate yourself from all the other attorneys out there.

8. Inbound Links - If you are able to produce a website with great content, relevant content and a lot of it, then you are setting your website up to be one that is linked into by other sites that want to promote websites that they feel are the best online.

9. The more relevant content on your site the greater the chance that a potential client will find information related to their particular issue.

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