Mitigating & Controlling Your Reputation Online

In this day and age Reputation Management is critical to your success to some degree. With more and more attorneys utilizing free services like Google Local or Yahoo Local they are opening themselves up to public scrutiny, good and bad. While there is not much you can do about the bad reviews (everyone is going to get one) there is something attorneys can do good reviews. Typically people that are happy with your services are not going to spend much if any time letting the world know how good you are. They will if they are not happy with you though. So how do you mitigate your reputation? Make sure that you know if they are happy. If they are ask them to write a review for you while they are in your office (maybe offer a free coffee mug if they do). That way you know who is happy and who is not.

Additionaly, you want to really make sure they are happy with your services. Send them an electronic survey they can fill out on their schedule. You can use a service like Survey Monkey which is very easy for the one taking the survey to fill out. You can have as many or as few questions as you like (make it fewer questions).

You are now on your way to managing the most important aspect of your practice, your reputation. If you have any questions please call Jon Reiter at 303-947-1737 and he will show you a number of ways to manage your overall presence online.

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