Referrals - Why Do I Need a Website

I have spoken with a lot of attorneys over the years and if there is one thing that is consistent it is the fact that a majority of their business comes from referrals. Referrals are a great source of revenue for these lawyers.

I always try to stress that while referrals are great and are necessary for a successful practice, they still need to not only have a presence on the Internet but a presence that can be found by people that do NOT know who they are.

Why? Well, when a potential client gets a referral one of the first things they are going to do is go online and check that referred attorney out. No website can have serious consequences as in that referred client decides to hire someone else. Not good.

The second part of this equation is even if a law practice gets plenty of business from referrals, that law firm can only enhance their practice by supplementing their referral business with some Internet business. An even more important consideration though is the referrals that kind of business can send the attorney's way in the future. Imagine setting yourself up for referrals from business YOU found yourself from someone randomly looking for a lawyer online. Talk about a steady stream of business for the life of your practice, and in good times and in bad economic times (especially in bad economic times).

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