Top Ten Reasons Attorneys Need An Optimized Website

10. People looking for you online better be able to find you
When a potential client has been referred to you they are most likely going to go online and search for information about who you are and how you might be able to help them. If they cannot find you, that business might be lost because while they are having trouble locating you, I can promise that they are finding other attorneys that do the same thing as you. That referral that you EARNED may now be hiring one of your competitors because they had a better web presence.
9. Potential clients can find you even if they don’t know you.
When your potential clients are looking for an attorney like you on the Internet and they cannot find you for whatever reason I can guarantee that that you will not get their business
8. Presents a professional image
Whether we like it or not people do judge books by their covers and in this case your web presence is your book cover. It is ok to have a simple website as long as it is pleasing to the eye and is easy to navigate through and also quickly lets people know what kind of attorney you are and what areas of law you practice.
7. Far better results than yellow page advertising
Advertising in the yellow pages was the way to go a decade ago but as more people look for attorneys online and fewer and fewer people are using the yellow pages you need to start putting your advertising dollars in the medium that is attracting the most potential clients.
The use of the yellow pages is in a freefall decline…the industry is expected to lose 39% of its revenue in the next five years. In fact, 58% of those surveyed, use the Internet to get help with a legal matter.
6. Your practice is now on par (or better) with the largest of law firms
In all the searches I have done for attorneys over the years, I have yet to see a “large” law firm show up in one of my searches. The majority of attorneys that utilize the Internet to highlight their practice are small practices (under 20 attorneys and usually just 1-3 attorneys). What this means for you is you have the ability showcase your talents and abilities without having to compete with firms that are 50-100 times your size.
5. Promotes you and your services
Your website is a very 3 dimensional view of you who are, what you offer and what differentiates you from all the other attorneys you compete with.
4. Your website makes you available to the World 24/7, 365 Days a Year
Unlike your company's office that may be open from 8-5, Monday thru Friday, your company 's website is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When someone needs a lawyer or information about a lawyer and they know that it is after hours like Saturday night at midnight, you can bet that they are going online to figure out their next step and who can help resolve whatever issue they may have.
3. Beat the competition
Make sure your site is the best one out there (as judged by your level of visibility, website design and content) and you will be able to generate as much business as you desire.
2. Online Forms
Well-written online forms can provide you with a wealth of information about a potential client and if they are the right fit for your practice or someone that is better suited for another attorney you know.
1. Return on Investment
If you believe that having a well-optimized website is just too expensive let me share something with you, it’s not. In fact, by not having a well-optimized site you are losing out on potentially hundred’s of thousands of dollars. Here is the bottom line: You can’t afford NOT to have a site.

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