To Flash or Not Flash..That is the question

With web sites getting more and more sophisticated the question you have to ask yourself is what are you willing to do to get noticed online? Showing up on the first page of Google or Yahoo simply is not enough anymore. Once the web surfer gets to your site will they stay. A book titled "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell states that your site will be judged in, literally, the blink of an eye. A Canadian study done in January of 2006 backs this (more than) theory up. This study was able to demonstrate and prove that a web site is judged in 1/120th of a second, faster than a blink. People are not evening taking the time to give you a fair shot. You might be the best attorney out there with the best legal record but guess what? If you cannot get that across faster than someone can blink their eyes then it doesn't matter!

So by now you are asking yourselves.."What can I do?" Let me tell you, to make sure your site stands out from the other 25 billion (and counting) you need to add some Flash. What is Flash? Flash can be many different things. You can have Flash that has your law firm name materialize on the legal web site . You can have scrolling text that talks about different legal issues or cases you have won. Flash is also a compilation of pictures that can tell a story, for example, www.rosenthal-law.net, or www.timothybussey.com, some great examples! Flash can also be a bad thing fro your site. Anytime I go to a web site that starts off by telling me the site is loading (Flash is loading) and I am not seeing what I want to see right now, I click the back button as fast as I can. That is bad Flash. We do not do bad Flash. Our goal is to not only provide you with the best visibility possible online (after all if they can't find you I don't care if you are giving away free gold it just doesn't matter) but once they do find you, to ensure they want to explore your site further and even call you for legal advice.