Well-Written Content is King

While their are quite a few components that go into a search engine's algorithm, one of those components is content. Why is content so important?

for a number of reasons but lets explore a few of those reasons.
  1. Keywords & Phrases
  2. Engaging readers
  3. The more content you have the more opportunities your are providing the search engines to find your site
  4. Promotes likelihood of other sites linking into your site

Lets explore these different points in greater depth.

Keywords and phrases related to the topic at hand are providing the search engines with the words and phrases they need to find your site and rank it according what an individual is looking for online.

Engaging readers - Content cannot just be written for search engines. After all search engines don't hire companies, people do. The content needs to be written so that it is compelling enough to engage the potential client and draw them in. They need to understand how you can provide a superior service to your competitors. This content also needs to be attractive to the search engines.

Content - The more content you have on your site that is relative to the topic at hand the greater the likelihood your site will get found by the search engines by a random search. Remember, you want your website to show up for as many possible phrases as possible not just 4 or 5 "popular" phrases. Every practice area has thousands of ways to say something.

Linking - The better the content and more relevant this content is the greater chance your site has of becoming a link magnet. Other sites that are relevant to what your site promotes are eager to provide useful links for the people who happen to find their sites. It is all about the users experience on these different sites and the better the experience is for these individuals the more often they will come back.

How can you determine if the content on your site is optimal? Have objective people read through your site. Find out what their first impressions are. Check out your site yourself. Can you easily figure out what you do? is it easy to find information on your site?

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