Conversions: From a Phone Call to a Client

So a potential client has found your website and thought enough of what they read to call you. Your job now is to convert that caller into a client (if they fit your criteria). When the potential client calls you they will be judging you on how you present yourself on the phone, how well you answer their questions and if they feel comfortable with you enough to pay you to represent them in a legal capacity.

Lets look at these different areas:
  1. Phone Presentation: When you answer the phone, do you sound like you just woke up or is your voice full of confidence? Do you answer in a professional manner, for example, Hello this is Joe Lawyer, how may I help you today? Or do you simply say hello like you are expecting a call from a friend?
  2. Do you answer their questions: Are you giving direct answers to their questions or does it sound like you are trying to sell them on why they should hire you? People looking for an attorney typically have a life altering event occurring and they need to speak with a true professional that they feel can help guide them through their turbulent times.
  3. Do you make them feel comfortable: You may be the first attorney they have called or the third. Your only job now is to make sure that (again, if they fit the criteria) WANT to hire you as their lawyer. You need to educate them, not sell them on how your experience can take them through the process.

These are just a few areas that everyone that deals with the public needs to understand when it comes to actually signing clients. Without those interpersonal skills you will struggle and not achieve the level of success you might be looking for.

The attorneys that I see as the most successful usually have the best interpersonal skills. There are a number of courses that individuals can take that will help. Dale Carnegie is one that comes to mind and is one that should be strongly considered.

If you are interested in a free evaluation of your phone skills please don't hesitate to call me at 303-947-1737 and we can sit down and figure out how to best market your services once the potential client actually calls you.

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