Inbound Links

There are 100's of components that make up a search engines algorithm which is what they use too determine a web site's rank based on a particular phrase.

I am going to discuss Inbound Links (links from one website to another) and why they are important.

Lets use our Way Back Machine and travel back to a time before Google. Larry Page, one of the founders of Google was looking for a way to organize the Internet. At that time, around 1995, the information was spread throughout the Internet but was very disorganized. Organizations like Yahoo or Excite! had rudimentary ranking criteria but nothing like we have post-Google. So Larry set to work and determined (very correctly) that links from other sites to a particular site was a vote of confidence or a validation of the content contained within that particular site., therefore he ranked those sites higher.

For example, if there are two sites about Abraham Lincoln, one has about 10 links from other sites and the other Lincoln site has 1,000 links, the site with 1,000 links will rank higher.

Linking back in the late 90's and the early of the 21st Century was much simpler. Any link would do. As time went on though, linking got much more sophisticated. It was just about any link anymore. Now what the search engines are looking for in regards to links are links that have high Page Rank value and relevancy. So, for law firms, the links that should be coming in to that site should be related to the Practice Area that the website focuses on.

And that is short explanation of how Inbound Links benefit websites. If you have questions please don't hesitate to call me at 303-947-1737

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