Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Web Presence

10. Is your FindLaw firm and attorney profile up to date and informative? Your profile is an excellent opportunity for you to inform potential clients of who you are and what you can do. We highly recommend that you include narrative text and a picture of yourself. The narrative text can include your background, mission/vision, experience, and things that differentiate you from your competitors. An informative FindLaw profile can also have a strong presence in Search Engine results. Check out your profile today by going to www.FindLaw.com or click here for more information.

9. When was the last time you reviewed and updated the content on your FirmSite? Search Engines constantly crawl the internet for fresh information. Consider updating your Publications or add a Testimonials page. This is a great opportunity to establish your firm as a legal expert and improve search engine results. Other options include an In the Community page, Representative Client’s page or a Case Summaries page.

8. Have you submitted your FirmSite to any online directories or purchased online advertisements? Be sure to submit your FirmSite to various reputable online directories like Google Local, Yahoo Local, and more to build in-bound links to your FirmSite. Click here for more information. If you have purchased online advertisements, be sure they link to the appropriate pages on your FirmSite. For example, if you have a Personal Injury TopSpot on FindLaw.com, link it to the Personal Injury page on your FirmSite. This guides prospects directly to the information they seek and improves the presence of this page within the Search Engine results.

7. Do you have a page on your FirmSite without any content? Maybe you have a Spanish page without Spanish content or a Testimonial page without testimonials because you have not had time to update. It is critical to incorporate keyword rich content with about 250 words per page on your FirmSite. Search Engines can penalize your FirmSite for having empty pages, please consider removing them. You can always add them back once you have some relevant, keyword rich content.

6. Does your FirmSite have a Site Map? A Site Map can make it easier for Search Engines to crawl and index your FirmSite in an effort to improve your Search Engine results.

5. Did you know that there are FREE methods for promoting your FirmSite? Be sure to add your web address to your letterhead, business cards, email signature, as well as mention your FirmSite on your business’ voicemail.

4. Who? What? Where? With the amount of information available online, you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of a potential client. It is imperative that your FirmSite clearly states your firm’s name, phone number, office location, and your services in a visible area.

3. Do you have any pictures of your staff, office or practice area specific pictures on your FirmSite? Statistics show that a potential client is more likely to contact the firm that includes pictures of the attorneys and staff than the firm that doesn’t. Pictures are a great way to add a personal touch as well as visually convey what you do and who you are to potential clients.

2. Your firm is located in Denver, CO. How does a potential client located in Englewood, CO find you online? Be sure to include a geography block at the bottom of each page of your FirmSite. A geography block consists of cities and counties that you would like to attract clients from.

1. When was the last time you discussed your web presence with your FindLaw Account Manageror local FindLaw Sales Consultant? Today is a great day to contact us and find out what we can do to enhance your web presence in the areas of visibility, content, and design. Call 303-947-1737

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