Compete Against the Attorneys Who Spend More

There are always going to be lawyers and law firms that will spend more money on advertising than everyone else. They will also typically get a lot of business as a result of that kind of advertising spend.

So what can an attorney that does not have the budget or the desire to spend their money in the same fashion do to compete with the big spenders? FOCUS! Instead of trying to compete with them, simply focus your marketing and advertising on specific areas.

For example, if you are a Personal Injury attorney, maybe focus your website on Motorcycle Accidents. Optimize (make visible to search engines) your site for that specific topic.

Now that does not mean you neglect all the other practice areas within your law practice. No. You should write about those areas as well BUT focus on one topic so that you maximize your optimization on that area. You would be surprised at the results you will be able to achieve.

As your website brings you more and more business and you can now afford to spend more money to achieve greater results and then compete against those that are putting bigger dollars into their marketing budgets.

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