How To Write Good Web Content

According to Jakob Nielsen you can double the useability of your website by following simple guidelines for writing web content. Reading from the web is very different from writing for print:

* 79% of users scan the page instead of reading word-for-word

* Reading from computer screens is 25% slower than from paper

* Web content should have 50% of the word count of its paper equivalent

To Neilsen's comments I would add some Google-friendly tips:

* Hyperlink on keywords wherever possible. Click here hyperlinks are meaningless, and have no value from a Google point-of-view.

* Get good content on external sites linking (on keywords) back to your site. Blogging, forums, reciprocal links all work.

* Think about keyword density. Relative word frequency is important.

Essentially though Google optimization means simply producing legitimate, interesting content for your target audience. If it's useful, and it's well presented, it will be indexed.

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Bob S. said...

Great information. I appreciate you taking the time to help us understand the mysteries of the Internet better.