Spanish Web Sites...Why??

Is any part of your web site in Spanish? You are probably asking yourself why you would even bother? That's not my target market. Or you might be saying that your Spanish speaking clients do not go online. Guess again!
Prospective Spanish-speaking clients such as real estate foreign investors, those wishing to migrate to this country, or individuals who have been indicted by the U.S justice system for drug related offenses may begin their search for legal help outside the country. By translating your current Web site, or any portion of it, into Spanish, you increase your chances of reaching individuals who are searching for U.S. attorneys.
FindLaw has just launched a new line of three Spanish-language content products that not only are translated in Spanish, but also are optimized in Spanish search terms so they rank well in search engines.
Not only that but the translation is actually done by a person instead of a software program which is proven to be extremely flawed and unreliable.

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