Why FindLaw??

Why FindLaw? What do you offer that no other company does? I get this question every day so I thought it was time to post a blog on why FindLaw and what makes us unique in the market place and how we can benefit your practice.

Anyone can say anything which is why I like to demonstrate FindLaw's effectiveness and domination live on the Internet. I know I always feel better about spending money when I have a reasonable assurance that the money being spent is being spent wisely. Doing live searches in person shows how the web sites designed and developed by FindLaw do show up on the first page of many of the most popular search engines like Google and Yahoo (combined: almost 75% of the entire search engine market) Typically, a number of the web sites that show up "organically" on the first page in these searches are web sites put out by FindLaw. No other attorney web site design firm can claim that.

Listed below are many of the reasons why you should, at a minimum, consider FindLaw.

FindLaw Audience Quality

FindLaw attracts clientele from every economic class

FindLaw visitors have a Median Income that is twice the national average

FindLaw’s traffic is over five times greater than its nearest competitor with over 4 million unique visitors every month (nationwide)

Nearly one million FindLaw visitors contact an attorney every month

FindLaw visitors spent almost 10 billion dollars with law firms in 2004

65% of the FindLaw audience are non-attorneys while 35% are attorneys

FindLaw.com has over 1 million pages of content


  • Directory Products linked directly to your website with exclusive arrangements with online companies like AOL and Yahoo! No other company can offer this service
  • We provide our clients with multiple ways to be found on the Internet, not just having to come up first on a search through Google or Yahoo or the multitude of other search
  • engines out there. We do this through exclusive arrangements with companies like Yahoo! and AOL as well as hundreds of other online news orgs nationwide
  • FindLaw has come up on the first page in every search (I’ve done) for an attorney. They will then be directed to your website. Ask me how!
  • Local and national online News organization
    Denver 7 News, CNN, USA Today, NY Times, etc
    Optimized with the top search engines
  • Search Engine Rankings
    Google - 53%, Yahoo - 25%, MSN - 15%, AOL - 5% Ask.com - 6%

FindLaw Websites: Content & Design

  • Quickly shows your firms strengths and provides a compelling image
  • FindLaw’s attorney/authors writing all the custom content
  • 1000 relevant inbound links (critical for ranking)
  • Practice area specific intake firms
  • Directory products which are unique to FindLaw
  • All design, development, updates, maintenance, optimization, hosting and 24/7 real time reporting and tracking included in monthly fee. No “extra” costs.
  • Website content changing at a minimum once a month with:
    e-newsletters (changes once per month with 12 months prior newsletters archived)
    Frequently Asked Questions (changes once per month with 12 months prior F.A.Q.’s archived)
  • News & Resource Packs (daily news feeds change daily)

Thank you for reading my blog. Please don't hesitate to call me with any questions. ~Jon Reiter~ 303-947-1737~ jon.reiter@thomson.com

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jon.....You have some great points here. I feel like my eyes have been opened. I was speaking with another company but would like to speak with you as well before I make any decisions. I will call you to set up a meeting.