Make The Most of Your Web Site!

Are You Making the Most of Your Website?
Your website can be a Powerful Tool for your firm and for your clients.Make your Web address visible at every opportunity!
Your Web site can serve as an effective vehicle to keep clients and prospects informed.Make the most of your FirmSite by routinely including your Web address every time your firm name, mailing address and phone number appears in print. Check off each item as you accomplish them.

____ E-mail – add your Web address every time you sign off on e-mail.

____ Answering machine or voice mail greeting – offer an alternative to a phone call. Perhaps the information your caller wants is on your firm’s Web site?

____ Message on hold – if your firm’s phone system has message on hold capability, use it to tell your clients about the information on your Web site.

____ Brochures – use brochures to direct clients to even more information on your Web site.

____ Stationery and business cards – list your Web address with your telephone, fax and address.

____ Fax cover sheets – take advantage of every client communications point.

____ Advertising and marketing pieces – present another route to go beyond a brochure to an interactive experience with your firm.

____ Yellow page ads – use your Web site to help demonstrate that your firm is the right one for a potential client’s legal issue.

____ Directory listings – expand your reach from directory listings to offer even more information about your firm.

____ Signage and posters – never miss an opportunity. Sponsoring a seminar? Speaking to a professional group? Include your Web address when you communicate your firm’s identity.

____ Bar Associations – Contact your local & state bar associations and ask them if they will provide a link from their web site to your web site.

I hope this information helps your online presence whether you are with FindLaw or not. If you have any questions or would just like to speak with me on how to improve your web presence please don't hesitate to call me at 303-947-1737

Sincerely, Jon Reiter - Legal Marketing Consultant

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