This is an article by Tim Ash posted January 11, 2010 in regards to how CRITICAL it is to answer your phone ASAP or reeply to an email immediately, not 20 or 30 minutes from when you get it but NOW.  Why?  Well according to the article by Tim Ash once someone fills out a form and sends it in is probably the most critical point you have with landing that individual as a client.

You have a few choices, call them on the phone or email them back.  Tim doesn't think placing a call is the best use of your time, unless you call within five minutes.  I agree and disagree.  I believe that if you are able to call them, then do so but do it within five minutes.  The chances of them also contacting other attorneys is HUGE.  Don't miss an opportunity.

If you are not able to call them within a few minutes of getting their message then do the next best thing and send them a personal email. What's that you say?  Your phone does not get email???  Are you kidding.  You have NO excuse for not getting email on your phone AND being able to respond.  Come join us in the year 2010. 

So this article by Tim says that delaying your first-dial response time from 5 to just 30 minutes decreases your chances of qualifying the lead by 21 times!  WOW!!!!
Even delaying the first-dial from 5 minutes to 10 will cut your lead qualification percentage by a factor of four.
This information comes from a joint study between M.I.T. and InsideSales.com (download the whitepaper)
So if you thought you could take your time contacting potential clients I hope this blog helps you realize that by doing you will be losing clients. 

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